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O seu motor de reservas de hotéis

Abra suas portas para o mercado global. Seu hotel está pronto para aceitar reservas de qualquer dispositivo em tempo real e pagar comissões zero.

* Nenhum contrato, nenhum pagamento exigido.

Motor de reservas sem comissão

Evite comissões OTA e oferecer uma taxa competitiva, incentivando seus convidados a reservar salas diretamente com você. Seu site e mecanismo de reservas devem ser seu principal canal de distribuição OTA para mostrar seu hotel e direcionar reservas diretas. Os quartos reservados através do seu motor de reservas são sempre sem comissão.

Pronto para aceitar reservas de hotéis

Pronto para aceitar reservas de hotéis

Seu hotel está pronto para aceitar reservas de qualquer lugar do mundo em tempo real com os dados que já estão disponíveis em sua agenda. Basta clicar para ativar seu mecanismo de reservas.

Add Photos and Text

Adicione fotos e texto ao mecanismo de reserva de hotéis para tornar seus quartos atraentes para os visitantes em potencial

Adicione fotos e texto para tornar seus quartos atraentes para os visitantes em potencial. Certifique-se de que seu hotel esteja tão bem on-line quanto ele pessoalmente e dê aos seus visitantes uma razão para reservar quartos diretamente com você, em vez de passar por um intermediário.

Works in Every Language

Your Bellebnb Booking engine Works in Every Language

You can localize the description for your rooms, rates, and additional booking engine info for any or all languages. Your booking engine will appear in the natural language for any visitor and will display your localized description, if there is one available.

Customize to fit your hotel's brand

Fully Customizable Hotel booking engine

Your booking engine is fully customizable. Pick a layout theme and then apply a color palette to match your hotel's brand. You don't need a designer, and you can update your theme any time from the dashboard with just a few clicks.

Edit in Markdown HTML

Edit in Markdown HTML

Edit room descriptions and booking engine additions in Markdown HTML. Markdown is easy to read and write, and provides all the layout benefits of full HTML. Your Front Desk includes a fully interactive Markdown editor.

Simple Powerful rate management

Simple Powerful Hotel rate management Pricing Specials

Any pricing specials created in your front desk will be reflected in the booking engine. You can add pricing specials to make your rooms attractive in every season.

Policies & Amenities

Hotel Policies & Amenities

Specify hotel policies, check-in/check-out times, meals plans, parking, and pet policy, and select from a list of standard and custom amenities for each room individually and for the hotel.

Upsell products & services

Upsell Hotel products & services

Define rate plans to bundle products and services along with a cancellation and refund policy. Upsell your hotel's items from the moment the guest creates their reservation to improve revenue per booking.

Sell more rooms

Upsell hotel rooms

We made it easy for your visitors to book additional rooms with their reservation. Large families and groups can add enough rooms to their booking without having to take extra trips through your booking engine.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards, Enable credit cards to secure bookings

Enable credit cards to secure bookings. Select what cards to accept, and how late visitors may cancel their booking, and whether they will be charged a cancellation fee.

Live Currency Converion

Live Currency Converion

Prices in your booking engine will be automatically converted to match the visitor's locale. Conversion rates are computed up-to-the-minute using live data backed by the European Central Bank.

Unique Guest Profiles

Unique Guest Profiles

Guests registered through your booking engine will be marked in your front desk manager for review. New guests can be verified by the reception desk and existing guests can be merged with their current profile to avoid duplicates.

Allow direct cancellations

Cancel through the booking engine

Guests can view their booking details at any time. You may allow them to cancel their booking directly by setting the minimum allowable days to cancel before the schedueld check-in date.

Zero Commissions

Zero Commissions

Reservations created through your booking engine are 100% yours, with no commissions. Make your website and booking engine your top priority OTA distribution channel to drive direct bookings and increase your share of your hotel's revenue.

White Label/Booking Widgets

White Label/hotel Booking Widgets

Take your booking engine with you wherever you want to generate business for your hotel. You can take bookings directly from your hotel’s Facebook page, WordPress site, or any other HTML Website. Match your booking engine to your brand and use it wherever you need it.

Google analytics

Google analytics stats

Your booking engine integrates with Google Analytics. Drop in your tracking code to get the full spectrum of visitor stats. Analyze traffic sources and refine your approach to selling your rooms.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile viewers are among your most important visitors. Travelers on-the-go want to book their next hotel in the moment, usually from their phone. Our booking engine is built with mobile first in mind, to ensure native app-level usability everywhere.

Optimized for Mobile

We Provide End-to-end Hotel Management

We provide a complete hotel management solution through a smart, flexible PMS, distribution channel manager, commission-free booking engine, secure payment gateway, and a cloud concierge service. Manage your hotel with a single, all-in-one application suite.

Accept bookings from any device in real time.

Accept bookings from any device in real time.

Manage your hotel operations in the cloud.

Manage your hotel operations in the cloud.

We're here to help 24/7 via phone, email & IM.

We're here to help 24/7 via phone, email & IM.

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